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S/S Pnematic actuator

Stainless steel vertical pneumatic actuator
Stainless steel vertical pneumatic actuator

All stainless steel vertical pneumatic actuator is mainly applied to all kinds of angle travel valves like butterfly valves, ball valves etc. lnstallation of position sensor and intelligent controller can realize automatic control for valve. It is especially suitable for workshops with high environment requirements, for example, the industrial fields including food processing, beverage, fruit juice, beer, phannacy etc.

It can be easily installed with valve, and Non-specialist can disassembly

for maintenance.

Automatic control device: attached with position sensor(s ingle induction, dual

induction), attached with intelligent controller (electrical appliance tenminal

connection, AS-I bus connection)(See intelligent controller content for details.)

Output torque: 35-150 Nm (air/spring) 60-220 Nm (air/air)

Actuating mode: !Normal open, Normal closed, air/air

Square core connected with valve

o=14"14, 11*11, 10*10, 8*8

Single bracket, double bracket

Angle of rotation: 90'

Continuous operating temperature: -20'C - +50'C

Compressed air. 4--7 Bar Air supply connection: R Y8", G Y8"(BSP)