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Butterfly valves

Stainless steel sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve
Stainless steel sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is mainly applied to fluid products of food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Simple and vigorous design, low pressure construction.

Butterfly valve can automatically operate through actuator, and can also be operated with handle.

Actuator transfers axial movement of piston to 90 degrees rotary movement, 11\en transmit H to butterfly valve.

Control the "opening" and "closing' position o1 valve with handle, certainly H can be adjusted to the position of other angle.

Pneumatic or electric actuator can be replaced with manual handle.

Valve body of any connection mode can be replaced.

Connection mode: welding, clamped, thread, single-welding, single thread, flange type

Connection standard: DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO, IDF, RJT

Handles: two-position handle, three-position handle, four-position pull handle, multi-position plastic handle, multi-position stainless steel handle.

Actuators: stainless steel pneumatic actuator, intelligent pneumatic actuator,

pneumatic aluminum actuator, electric actuator

Intelligent control: position sensor; C-TOP controller, C-TOP controller (AS-I)

Size specification ranges from DN10/ X" to ON200 /8' PED 97/23 EC certification

Max. operating pressure: 10Bar(DN25/100) 8Bar(DN125/150) 5Bar(DN200/300)

Min. operating pressure: 0.2Bar p.abs

Operating temperature: -10'C- +120'C (EPDM)

Butterfly disc and valve body: AISI 304/316L (forged)

Gasket ring: EPOM (standard), SILICONE/VMQ, PTFE, conforms to FDA177.2600

Handle: AISI 304/PP

Internal surface: Ra0.8


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